Smart City

Smart City

Smart City is an idea that improves the reality that surrounds us by introducing modern technology to our daily lives in the following areas : transport, communication, infrastructure, security, health, entertainment and home.
Thanks to it a bond is created between the city and the inhabitant, which transforms this relationship into a wonderful symbiosis on the basis of:
"You care about me, I care about you", making life easier, more pleasant and beautiful.

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About us

SmartCityLab is an initiative of science, business and administration. Its aim is to increase the potential and competitiveness of the Polish economy. Bulilding and developing a modern society in a rapidly changing world economy. Each of these sectors brings the necessary elements without which it is impossible to achieve the intended effects. Universities provide future professionals who can create contemporary reality. Business has the right resources so that future professionals have adequate work tools. On the other hand, the administration creates an area where cooperation takes place.


We introduce modern technology that develop human capabilities. They also stimulate the society in the use and co-creation of innovative ICT solutions. At the same time, working closely with science, business and administration to effectively target common efforts. Collaboration will open up potential benefits for all participants.

Contemporary cities need close cooperation between science, business and administration



Among the founders of the project are: higher education institutions (Katowice University of Economics, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Wroclaw University of Technology) , high technology companies (Hitachi, OandS, Samsung, SigFox) and large urban centres (Wałbrzych, Ruda Śląska, Bytom, Katowice, Gliwice, Chorzów, Zabrze) .


SmartCityLab is a platform created to exchange experiences, identifying problems, and finding ways to solve them. Therefore, we invite you to join the project of all those who have ideas for improving the quality of life in cities (not just entrepreneurs, institutions, local governments).


By 2050 more than a half of the population will live in the cities

Regions of operation

We intend to promote stable and probable conditions developing digitization of the Polish economy and modern entrepreneurship. Support investments in the expansion of digital infrastructure, services, content, tools and digital capabilities. As pioneers we will build a dialogue between business and state administration, and with the ability and the necessary knowledge to effectively educate all interested.

Creation of standards for ICT solutions used in urban space

Developing methodologies for implementing ICT solutions

Measuring the effectiveness and safety of the solutions used

Providing components to build secure IT systems for cities


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